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DAVIS, Ca. October 4, 2011--Moller International, Inc. (MI) (OTC-QB: MLER), the developer of the Skycar® aircraft, the Rotapower® line of rotary engines and the Aerobot® line of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) announced today that sponsorship packages are available for the first manned, untethered flight of the Moller Skycar® M400X. The Company is beginning an eighteen month campaign celebrating Dr. Paul Moller's 50th anniversary researching and developing Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) technology.

Moller International has not only been successful in developing its VTOL technologies, but also become a media power house with international periodical covers featuring Dr. Moller and the M400X Skycar®. MI has been featured on such notable publications as Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and Forbes FYI.

“I have been working in this field (VTOL) for a very long time and I'm extremely excited about celebrating this milestone,” said Paul Moller, President of Moller International. “Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest individuals and companies in the development of the Skycar® technologies. These specialists were attracted to the technology and industry because they wanted to be part of something big and unique; our sponsorship opportunities are an extension of this philosophy as we move forward to develop new relationships.”

A sponsorship with Moller International not only includes attendance to the M400X Skycar® flight, but also an eighteen month media campaign that includes featured spots on seven Moller International websites around the world, media tours and unprecedented access to the Moller Skycar® for media and tradeshow events.

In addition to the campaign, Moller International will produce a live webcast of the flight event allowing members of the press, friends of MI and fans of the Skycar® to attend the event without having to incur the cost and inconvenience of travel. Further, by producing the webcast, Moller International hopes to capitalize on its YouTube notoriety for the benefit of the sponsors.

“In an effort to add value to our sponsorships, we have allotted space on all our new geographic specific websites for a sponsor featurettes,” said Jah Mackey, Marketing Director of Moller International. “These new websites are being developed to specifically improve our communication throughout the world. These new micro sites will specifically target Turkey, Oman, UK, Netherlands, China, Germany and the US.”

Moller International receives approximately 1 million hits per month on the Company’s main site, comprised of visitors from around the world. Sponsors will have access to these visitors as well as the associated media. Once the micro-sites come online, sponsors will be included on those sites as well. The upcoming promotional campaign will include an aggressive social media campaign; additional programming opportunities; a major public push to get the US government behind this technology; ongoing press releases, and more.

“For sponsors, the Skycar’s flight provides the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how one can improve the strategic direction of their organization and contribute to bottom-line profits with ones technologies and services,” said Bruce Calkins, General Manager of Moller International. “No other industry event delivers the ability to meaningfully engage with decision-makers who are looking to lock in the most promising new technologies and partnership opportunities.”

There is one Exclusive Premier Sponsorship available that affords the sponsor exclusive rights during the flight and throughout the campaign. This is a limited one-time opportunity for a forward thinking company. This will be the only time an Exclusive sponsorship will be offered for this event.

For more information regarding the sponsorship details, please contact Jah Mackey or Bruce Calkins at 530.756.5086.

About Moller International
Moller International (OTC-QB: MLER) formerly Moller Aircraft had its origins in research carried out by Dr. Paul Moller when he tested a scale model of his VTOL capable aircraft in 1961. A full-size version of the earlier VTOL aircraft was demonstrated in 1965. In 1967, research was conducted with the specific purpose of developing vertical takeoff aircraft for the consumer market.
Today, Moller International (OTC-QB: MLER) is a fully reporting public company that has continued to develop a number of VTOL aircraft employing Rotapower® engines and stabilization systems used not only in creating the M400 Skycar® and the M200 Neuera®, but also other VTOL aircraft targeted at the military, public safety, commercial and consumer markets.
The Skycar® has been featured on a number of TV programs including CBS 60 Minutes, “Highway In the Sky”, NBC’s Today Show “Today's American Story", and History Channel’s, “Greatest Movie Gadgets: Then and Now.”
Safe Harbor Statement

Except for historic information contained in this release, the statements in this news release are forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause a company's actual results in the future to differ materially from forecasted results. These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, the company's ability to attract qualified management, raise sufficient capital to execute its business plan, and effectively compete against similar companies.
Bruce Calkins
Moller International
1222 Research Park Drive

Davis, CA 95618 USA

Telephone: 530-756-5086

Facsimile: 530-756-5179

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Jah Mackey
Moller International
1222 Research Park Drive

Davis, CA 95618 USA

Telephone: 530-756-5086

Facsimile: 530-756-5179

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.