Pilot Selected for Skycar Test Flight

Moller international selected Ed De Reyes of Los Angeles, CA as Chief Test Pilot for our Skycar Flight Test program

Ed is the Chief Technology Officer for Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc (http://www.nitroturbodyne.com) Facebook/Twitter: nitroturbodyne.

He has Corporate Offices in Cheyenne, WY  and a laboratory facility at the Camarillo Airport in Camarillo, CA. Experienced flight test engineering services, Ed has been involved with flight and ground testing of aircraft for FAA FAR Part 23, 25 and 27 certification services as well as AST-400 (Manned Spaceflight) consulting. Specialties include UAV and Powered-Lift category test, evaluation, program planning and governmental agency liaison with the US FAA, Air Transport Canada, CAA/JAA for the following customers:

•    Northrop Grumman
•    Lockheed
•    Boeing
•    BAE
•    XCOR Aerospace
•    Scaled Composites
•    The Spaceship Company
•    Toyota Aerospace
•    Par Avion Aerospace
•    Moller International
•    Kensai Aircraft

Please join us in welcoming Ed to the Moller Flight Test Team!