Neuera Info

Over the past 30+ years Moller International and its predecessor companies have been working on the development of the technologies required for a new class of vehicles called volantors. The M200G “Neuera” (pronounced “new era”) will be the first of these volantors to enter the market as a vertical take off & landing (VTOL) fast, low-cost personal recreational or utility vehicle.

Neuera M200G Brochure.pdf

The multipurpose Neuera can operate up to 10 feet above any surface: land, water, sand, snow, swamp or grasslands. It can be used like other recreational vehicles, combining the capabilities of a boat, hovercraft, ATV, snowmobile or other off-road vehicle. It also has the hover and vertical take off and landing capabilities of a helicopter and the ability to leap over barriers and other obstacles. Its ducted fans provide lift and propulsion without the dangerous exposed rotor blades and high maintenance costs of rotary-winged aircraft. The vehicle uses state-of-the-art fly-by-wire computer technology to monitor, control and maintain stability of the vehicle, while simultaneously making it simple and easy to operate.


The Neuera
The Neuera can fly to 2,000 feet, but the M200G model will be constrained to fly just 10 feet above the ground.