AEROBOT® Flying Platforms

Moller International has developed a number of small VTOL aircraft called Aerobots® that are capable of operating autonomously as airborne robots or semi-autonomously as remotely controlled VTOL aircraft. In its simplest form, a single ducted fan is electronically stabilized and designed to carry a payload from 5 to 90 lbs. In its most complex form, a multi-duct M200 Neuera-based Aerobot can be outfitted to carry up to 650 lbs and be flown by remote control.

Various sizes using either electrical power provided via a tether or untethered fuel-driven engines can be produced. The fuel-driven versions, using the extraordinary power-to-weight of our Rotapower® rotary engines provides the Aerobot with a simple yet effective propulsion system in single or multi-duct configurations. Our proprietary engine and flight control system components share many similarities with our manned VTOL aircraft, allowing the Aerobot to have a highly verasitile yet affordable control architecture.

Potentially, our Skycar could be used as an unmanned "Aerobot-like" drone, as shown in the artist rendering below.

Unlike its competitors, the Aerobot is simple to use and has low operations and maintenance costs, making it a wise choice for a wide range of applications.


Aerobot® and Rotapower® are a registered trademarks of Moller International in the US and other countries.

Aerobot Overview

Aerobot Presentation



Our term "Aerobot" applies to several different products, all of which are remotely operated VTOL aircraft.  Above is a Neuera-based Aerobot.

Aerobot AE-20
Flight demonstration of electrically-powered Aerobot.


Aerobot A20-30
Fuel driven Aerobot with net payload of 50 lbs


Fuel driven Aerobot with net payload of 50 lbs