Rotapower Rotary Engine Components

Moller International/Freedom Motors June 2023 Newsletter

Moller International
Following a lengthy assessment of the type of Advanced Air Mobility aircraft (AAM) that is likely to dominate the projected $9 to $19 trillion AAM aircraft market by 2050, it is MI’s assessment that it will be a one-passenger autonomous aircraft that will use both batteries and engines (hybrid). Batteries can provide high power (energy flow) but have little energy (2% of fuel per pound). This makes them able to provide a simple and effective way to take-off vertically but only enough energy to go a short distance. The paper “The Future of Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft” that you can find by clicking this link, provides more detail regarding this emerging market. As you must have realized by now the key to the Skycar is the Rotapower® engine, the evolution of which is discussed in the Addendum of the above paper. It is likely that the future of AAM aircraft will be centered around a hybrid approach although that probably only comes to pass when the limitations of battery power alone is experienced over the next twelve months.