Skycar® Operation

Landing Sequence: Vertical Take-off and Landing

With safety and ease of use built into every Skycar®, this volantor promises to become a revolutionary new form of transportation.

Moller is currently working with the FAA to obtain certification of the Neuera 200. The airworthiness criteria manual, which governs the certification tests, was drafted by a team of FAA personnel and industry representatives. Moller International is a member of this team.

In addition, the FAA has established a "powered lift" pilot's license. This, together with thorough familiarization may be required to pilot a Skycar®, primarily to ensure adequate flight management, navigational skills, and situational awareness.

In the future, passengers will not be required to fly the aircraft, as the Skycar® will be an autonomous aircraft utilizing advanced onboard environment scanning and precise positioning systems, the highway-in-the-sky (HITS) and automated air traffic control in order to fly between destinations and avoid other air-traffic.

Vertical Take-off and Landing

M400 Skycar® Operational Demonstration 1

Below is an animation created by Jesse Levin working in cooperation with Dr. Moller which will give you an idea of how to operate the Skycar®. "JRB to 87N" or "Flight to the Hamptons" is a great simulation video using the free Microsoft Flight Simulator plug-in for the M400 Skycar®, although one might close the doors a bit sooner!

M400 Skycar® Operational Demonstration 2

This is a fan-made video, using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and a model of the M400 Skycar®, portraying a flight from the carribean island of Saba to St. Maarten